New energy labels: APPLiA commitment for a better information to consumers


APPLiA, representing the home appliance industry in Europe, took part in the stakeholder meeting organised by the Commission on February 12 to bring forward the discussion on measured and declared values linked to refrigerating appliances, washing machines, washer-dryers and dishwashers’ energy labelling Regulations. Following the entry into force of these legislations, on 25 December 2019, home appliance manufacturers have shed light on several inconsistencies found in the afore-mentioned Delegated Acts, which would undermine the solidity of the framework at European level.
The Energy Label Framework Regulation 2017/1369 contains rules on how manufacturers shall inform consumers about the energy consumption of their products. The respective values have to be verified by market surveillance authorities. According to AppliA, the problem of the above-mentioned new laws is that they mix-up values communicated to the consumers and laboratory data. This weakens the effectiveness of the market surveillance authorities, which consumers rely on. «For the home appliance industry, it is of utmost importance to provide consumers the very best products – said Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director-General. – We will continue providing highly energy-efficient and innovative solutions, but we are dependent on a clear and consistent legislation that creates a level playing field for all actors in the European market. 
The home appliance sector, underlines the European Association, fully supports the Energy Label Framework Regulation, which has been very successful. The EU’s efficiency objectives should not be weakened. In this context, companies need to count on a legally certain regulatory framework.
APPLiA will continue to constructively support the European Commission in improving the product regulations in order to set clear and transparent rules for energy-efficient products.