LG SIGNATURE Premium Wine Cellar will be launched in UK next April


LG Electronics organized a special event dedicated to LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar. In advance of its April launch in the UK, the company invited local content creators and lifestyle influencers, offering immersive activities, paired with exclusive wine tasting sessions.
The LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar is a premium solution boasting precision temperature control, timeless style and a door that swings open with a simple voice command.
A triple-pane UV light-blocking door, vibration reduction-technology and humidity control all help to ensure maximum protection for as many as 65 bottles of wine, preserving the taste and texture of each.
The product is very easy to use also thanks to the inclusion of the Auto Lift Draw, InstaViewTM and Auto Open Door features. With the touch of a button, the Touch Lift Drawer automatically opens and rises to a convenient height, whilst InstaView lets users inside the main compartment without opening the door. Making life easier for users carrying several bottlers for chilling, Auto Open Door uses special sensors to provide hands-free access -which is also available via voice command.
The Old Sessions House, a restored classical building on Clerkenwell Green in London, was the meeting place for Cellar Door guests. There, the participants were introduced to a selection of fine wines curated by Corney & Barrow, a renowned wine merchant with 240 years’ experience and a long history of serving the British royal family.
To round out the day, LG brought together writer and founder of London’s foremost literary salon Damian Barr, celebrated novelist David Nicholls, and Corney & Barrow’s head buyer Rebecca Palmer, for an intimate discussion on life, literature and wine. As the conversation weaved its way through David’s widely acclaimed novel Us, guests were served with wines and canapés selected to reflect certain passages from the story, matching the personalities of the book’s central characters.