The smart ecosystem in the Haier mission


The big Chinese Group underlined it strongly during the latest edition of CES in Las Vegas and goes on to reinforce the intention of create solution for a “smart home living” as its first mission.
«Haier – Huang Cheng, Creative Director of Haier Smart Home said – has always strived to be the industry leader and push the boundaries of possibility. Our ecosystem brings together cutting-edge smart home appliances from our extensive brand portfolio, enabling more families to enjoy a good life powered by IoT technology.»
The smart home trend has exploded in recent years, and smart home products have been developed for almost every room in the household. Haier, takes the opportunity to showcase a new smart home reality for consumers around the world. Rather than purely developing products, Haier’s ecosystem allows users to tailor their personal smart home experience freely.
At the Haier booth at CES 2020, a hologram video transported visitors to a vision of the future, where IoT connects all devices in the home. Meanwhile, Haier’s Smarter Life space highlighted the extensive functionality and design possibilities of this ecosystem. Using the system, Haier demonstrated how each room could be customized to a consumer’s requirements and budget, from a Smart Closet to Smart Living Room or Kitchen.
“In one scenario – Haier explained – homeowners seeking to improve security could install a smart security camera, lock and sensor for as little as a few hundred dollars. Meanwhile, those looking for a complete smart experience can design every room in their home using products from Haier’s smart home product portfolio. For example, a home for the elderly and disabled can be fitted with an easy-to-use Smart Kitchen that monitors and automatically turns off the water and gas, and a Smart Closet that automatically stores wheelchairs. The Haier vision also supports green and healthy living. In Haier’s future Smart Kitchen, consumers can use a Haier PAD to identify the origin and date of ingredients, view recipes and select seasonal produce.”