Miele launched a new dry system for its dishwashers


A useful innovation arrives from Miele, that has presented a new dry system on SPEEDair and HYGIENEair fresh water dishwashers. It is a fan-assisted drying system, optionally available with an integrated dispenser pump which further simplifies everyday work.
Plastic crockery, in fact, often requires the use of a tea-towel if it is to be dried properly. But that costs time. Thanks to the new Dry + drying, the entire load can be removed immediately at the end of a programme cycle and put into storage – without having to dry items by hand. During the drying process, hot moisture-laden air is drawn out of the cabinet and replaced with fresh room air, resulting in a mere 8-minute extension to the programme cycle. To ensure that light-weight parts such as medication beakers or the lids of feeding cups stay put throughout the cycle, Miele offers special-purpose basket inserts. Automatic liquid dispensing of process chemicals ensures greater efficiency in everyday work. Repeatable and safe processes reduce the input on the part of users. This is achieved through an integrated dispenser pump in the plinth: a solution which does not require any external accessories and can be implemented even in the limited space available.
Matching Miele ProCare Shine process chemicals are available: detergent and rinse aid tailored to the needs of Miele machines in terms of cleaning performance and machine compatibility. Together with matching baskets and inserts, this holistic system for the safe and convenient reprocessing of crockery therefore consists of several components.