Zepa is going to launch its new Pro Gas Hobs Range


The Italian company, specialist in cooking, will launch a range of gas hobs with professional features but for domestic use
Zepa, a historic Made-in-Italy brand, part of Teka Group, is going to launch a brand new range of gas hobs, built with professional materials and developed with innovative functions, suggested by chefs themselves to offer the same performance as a professional kitchen at home.
Fine and solid materials, with an elegant Italian style, make this new line the flagship of Zepa, which is preparing the introduction of the new collection into the Italian and foreign markets.
Among the valuable features of Zepa Pro Gas Range, the StepFlame system undoubtedly stands out, because it offers the possibility of adjusting the flame with extreme precision on as many as 9 different power levels.
Another significant plus of these new hobs are their grids, all joint that create a totally usable surface, which allows pots to be moved by dragging them, without having to lift them.
Marco Zappulla, Sales Manager of Zepa, explains the other features of the range.

Marco Zappulla, Sales Manager ZEPA Spa, Teka Group

When will the new range of professional hobs be available?
The line will be ready for market launch starting from April 2020.

Will it also be launched abroad?
Yes, absolutely it will. When we develop a product line, we conceive it to cover more markets. We are already selecting customers in the various countries of the world where we are most present in order to plan all the connected activities. In our company we have a laboratory certified by IMQ and compliant with almost all world standards. We test all the products with the most widely used gases in the world and when the product is formally validated, it is ready to be certified in the reference market; all obviously supported by our internal tests.

To which distribution channels is your professional collection addressed to?
It is intented to our usual channels. Being strongly present in the OEM channel, we think of distributors, private labels, but also of “global brands” that want to complete their range with highly connotative products, thus also covering possible high-remuneration niches.
What are the features that characterized the Zepa Pro range?
Its design is in line with professional standards, with brass burners, heavy grids, large-sized knobs, combination of multiple materials in the same product, through the use of a glass ceramic hob with a massive aluminum profile.
Moreover, the new hobs feature 4.5 kW “hi efficiency ” burners , with Dual function for Wok burners, in addition to the innovative StepFlame system for all burners.
Thanks to this new Gas Valve System, in a few words, through the 9 tap selectors, the intensity of the flame will be precisely selected: each level will be distinguished with an evident click corresponding to a very well calibrated and constant flame gradation.
Thanks to this system it will therefore be possible to select a precise cooking level without approximation, both in terms of duration and degree of cooking.

How many models does the Pro Range include?
The range includes 7 models: two Dominos with 1 and 2 burners; a 60 cm model with 3 burners to allow the use of very large pots; 2 models of 75 cm with lateral and central Wok; 2 models of 90 cm with 5 and 4 burners.

Can we describe the prominent features of the top models?
Regarding the Domino versions, the model with a Wok will have the exceptional power of 8.0 kW, the highest available today on the household market. And the extremely interesting thing is that this power is possible despite a very limited burner depth, thanks to which it will be possible to insert a drawer underneath. The version with 4 fires of 90 cm will boast 2 lateral Woks with the Dual function and an output of 4.5 kW each. Another very interesting element is the fact that these hobs have also been designed for the US market: they differ in fact from the European hobs for their XL sizes, which perfectly reflect American standards.

What are the technologies and materials that allow this range to be considered professional?
The look of the products, the materials, the performance of the burners, all in brass, stand out in a particular way. Noteworthy is the configuration of the grids, which are all joint, thus forming a totally exploitable surface, safe for the user. Indeed, it will be possible to move the pots simply by “dragging” them, without having to lift them.

Regarding design, how have the new Zepa hobs been developed and what style do they have?
Our R&D team has worked following specific inputs of important chefs from several countries, who have shown their preferences in terms of usable space and ideal burner configurations.

Have you planned any particular initiative for the launch of the new Line?
We are thinking about it, on the basis of the different countries and customers. At the moment we have not yet defined anything, but the ideas are many. The range itself and the value it guarantees is the base of strong motivation both by us and by those who have already seen and tested it in a preview.

“Culmination of three years of hard work testing and designing with the aim of bringing a new benchmark in strength, performance and beauty into daily-life kitchens”. With this specific target in mind, Zepa has created the new Professional Range, which includes all the variants to satisfy every request. The range includes 7 models: two Dominos with 1 and 2 burners; a 60 cm model with 3 burners to allow the use of very large pots; 2 models of 75 cm with lateral and central Wok; 2 models of 90 cm with 5 and 4 burners. Many are the plusses that will allow users to cook easier and in a more comfortable way every day. Among them, we can mention: StepFlame, a new Gas Valve System, which allows users to have 9 precise selectors to choose the exact intensity of the flame: each level is selected with an obvious click corresponding to a fin-tuned and obvious level of flame. Increased comfort is also ensured by the extended distance among the knobs.
Among the new models of the Zepa Professional Range, we want to present the 5 burners hob. It is a mix of refined details and technological features. The most relevant plusses are:
Cast iron grid
Gas detection and stop gas system
Automatic ignition
StepFlame – 9 steps
Power Cord
Ceramic glass with aluminum knobs panel
5 burners
Heavy duty brass burners equipped
Front left: Semirapid (1,75 Kw)
Rear left: Semirapid (1,75 Kw)
Rear right: Rapid (3,0 Kw)
Front right: Auxiliary (1 Kw)
Center: Double Ring DUAL (4,5 Kw)
Width: 750 mm (900 mm also available)
Depth: 510 mm
Zepa is an Italian company, located in the Veneto Region. It designs and manufactures high-quality and functional products, characterized by elegant style and comfort of use. It is present in several countries and is part of Teka Group. Founded in 1924, the latter is a multinational firm of German origin, engaged in manufacturing and marketing kitchen and bathroom appliances, porcelain products and industrial containers. The firm currently boasts 25 factories spread across three continents, which enable it to market its products in over 110 countries and to serve more than 100 million consumers worldwide. It has a powerful logistics platform with distribution hubs across Europe, Asia and America.