The software understands if you like coffee


The new smart system by Tastitalia allows customers to collect useful data and information to improve their offer and the coffee tasting experience lived by users.

The delivery of Smau/R2B Innovation award to Roberto Bisconti, (Sales Manager Italia of Tastitalia)

From coffee machine interface to smart system, able to understand the customer satisfaction. It is the evolutionary stage of the interface-component for which Tastitalia has been awarded with Smau/R2B 2019 Innovation Prize as “Italian excellence, model of innovation for enterprises and public administrations”. Specialized in the production of HMI (human-machine interface) for coffee machines and other application sectors, with custom solutions devised according to the specific requirements of each single customer, Tastitalia has implemented in its systems the capability of monitoring the user satisfaction, to understand their judgment on product and brand and to make the beverage purchase and tasting experience more involving.
The solution, identified in collaboration with Marche Polytechnics, consists in the installation of technologies that allow detecting the present persons and their reactions when they drink coffee. The dedicated software, connected with a camera, collects information about users’ emotions, in full compliance with current privacy regulations, and discriminates the sensation they are feeling while tasting. The main benefits brought by Tastitalia system consist in the possibility of tacking stock of the experience, highlighting innovation’s repercussions on daily work modalities inside the company and to what extent the process has increased productivity, customers, the process speed and other sensitive parameters. Through the implemented system, the company will be able to know in-depth the reactions of the people who interact with brand and product, consequently managing to orient their initiatives in targeted manner, to meet requirements really expressed.