From prototypes to mass-production


Prototypes, single pieces or volume-manufactured, with remarkable or small sizes, with a millimetre-tenth precision in details. Prosilas, thanks to its manufacturing centre, one of the biggest in Europe, avails itself of the technologies and the competences to meet all mass-customization demands, in the household appliance sector, too.

Knobs for hobs marked with the customer’s initials, logos on the front sides of coffee machines for specific supplies to precise hotels or locations, handles designed and developed upon original designs for household appliances that become unique pieces or products in limited series: additive manufacturing can offer a lot to the household appliance industry, besides the implementation of prototypes quickly produced and featuring the same performances as final products. This is the world where operates Prosilas that, with over 15 years of experience and a machine fleet today composed by over 10 industrial additive manufacturing machines, works as a partner that matches the technological competence with the force of a young team – the average age is thirty years – constantly updated through unceasing training and the collaborations with research bodies and universities. The company supports its customers with services of Selective Laser Sintering, Stereolithography and 3D reverse engineering, therefore offering a range of solutions that go from prototypes to mass productions, shifting from small very detailed customized objects to big-size parts, of which Prosilas takes care until the surface finishing process.