Safety and high performance


The innovative technological solutions of Electro Terminal, the Electro Group partner brand, respond to the growing demands by the field of professional equipment for quality, usability and ease of express installation.
Founded in 1986 as Fazio Rappresentanze, an agency and representative office of electromechanical and electronic components for the Italian market, Electro Group is active in the main sectors of household appliances, lighting, electronics and medical. In addition to an internal technical office, the company structure has a large dedicated warehouse, intended in particular to the Electro Terminal brand components, of which Electro Group has been exclusive distributor for the Italian market for over 25 years.
In a market like that of professional catering, operators felt more and more the need that the different types of appliances, which include ovens, hobs, refrigerated counters, fryers, blast chillers and every other needed tool for preparations, cooking and storage of food, meet the current regulations at the international level, which guarantee both the quality in terms of performance and efficiency, and – above all – the safe use, which remains an important and primary component.
Electro Terminal responds to this growing demand with the search for innovative materials and solutions, starting with the latest generation connectors. The range of KADO and SFK products for the safe and protected connection of cables, with innovative technological solutions, ease of installation and dimensional compactness, meet all the different regulations in force in the components market, as imposed by the authorities, not least to the GWT 750 (Glow Wire Test) and GWIT 775 (Glow Wire Test Temperature) standards.