Gaggenau and Raymond Blanc renew their partnership


Raymond Blanc has renewed his partnership with Gaggenau to upgrade the kitchen in the Raymond Blanc Cookery School with new appliances. Raymond handpicked cooktops and ovens from the company 400 series. Set in a picturesque 15th century manor in rural England, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons has become a culinary destination for gourmands the world over, with diners at the restaurant also having the option to stay in one of the manors 32 individually designed hotel rooms. Raymond Blanc opened the restaurant 35 years ago, earned two Michelin stars upon opening and has retained them ever since. He also created the Raymond Blanc Cookery School and Gardening School, with the cookery school located just across the corridor from the bustling restaurant kitchen.
“Similarly to us – Gaggenau explays in a press realise – Raymond Blanc promotes sustainable produce and ethical farming. He ensures that these methods are used to create dishes which enrich the palate of every diner. This has meant that the menu at Le Manoir celebrates a field to fork ethos, with much of the organic produce on the menu being harvested daily from the beautiful kitchen gardens. This ethos is also carried through to the Raymond Blanc Cookery School, where guests on the course are shown how to make the most of every ingredient, lowering the chance of waste.” Raymond makes a conscious effort to stay abreast of trends in the culinary world, especially ones which make an impact on the environment. When Le Manoir initially opened 35 years ago, Raymond offered a five and seven course vegetarian menu, which at the time was not popular amongst the restaurant patrons. However, as diners are now considering how the planet is affected by what is on their plate, the demand for vegetarian menus at Le Manoir has risen dramatically.