Aran Cucine will present Oasi at the Shanghai Fair


Aran Cucine will be present at the next edition of the Salone del Mobile-Shanghai, from 20 to 22 November. During the occasion, the Italian company will display its Oasi project, introduced during Eurocucina. Oasi is the new Aran Cucine project, born through a featuring between the brand from Abruzzo and the architect Stefano Boeri.
Oasi is a one-piece kitchen unit / dining area able to contain all those characteristics of a place for sharing time, that is the Italian kitchen. Structural and iconic main core of the project is a fruit tree, referring point around which families and relations can come together in many ways, and metaphor of the importance that the place conceived for dining acquires as centre of gravity in people relationships. The tree, the table and the cooking hob are one piece, that can recall stories, events, memories and cooking secrets. It is not just a kitchen, but the tale of everything happening around you.
Oasi encloses in one multifunctional piece developed around the tree all the steps of the food treatment: storage, washing, preparation, cooking, service, dining, disposal. Always following the ‘principle of circularity’ to allow the correct sequence of kitchen actions. The free-standing squared kitchen cell is developed like an articulated technologic device in which are inserted spaces for containment and appliances (fridge, dishwasher, oven, garbage compactor for recycling). Besides, a simple mechanism allows the opening of two “wings” on the sides of the kitchen, creating a dining table.