More functional solutions for the HO.RE.CA


High technology, multi-functionality and sustainability are the driver trends of the new professional appliances

The 41st edition of Host Milano, the international fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality, has recently ended. During the event the big players in the sector presented innovations of great interest, showing the latest solutions designed to make modern catering more efficient, sustainable and functional.
The news concern the three sectors of the Horeca world – hotels, restaurants and coffee bars – for which, every year, research and development professionals design equipment aimed at speeding up and simplifying work, with great regard also to cost savings and environmental sustainability.
From these premises, in almost all categories, products were conceived with three elements in common: multi-functionality, saving of resources and raw materials and digitalisation, factors that can really make a difference in the daily work of all operators in the sector.

The glasswasher with steam reduction
UG425 is the new SMEG professional glasswasher that, thanks to the maximized loading height (315 mm), allows to wash both large cups and long stem glasses for fine wines. It is also equipped with a new and patented filter system, with efficiency increased up to 40%. Moreover, SMEG research laboratories have developed the new S.H.R.+ System, which allows an effective steam reduction at each washing cycle. The result is the absence of steam at the opening of the door and the improvement of the work environment.

Key word: optimization
As the people working in the Horeca sector know, the greatest difficulty in this job is the rationalization of work, limiting waste. End customers, in fact, are often numerous and very demanding and it is necessary to be perfectly organized in order to respect the time table obtaining final professional results, without making too many mistakes and saving as much as possible resources and raw materials. A challenge that can only be faced with reliable, precise and efficient appliances.
For this reason, most of the solutions offered on the market are very versatile, so as to allow a different use of them in any occasion or to choose the perfect configurations for one’s own needs.
Professional appliances such as blast chillers are very good examples of products that can be totally customized, with solutions that cool or keep food hot or that perform both functions and many others. The most advanced blast chillers offer a wide choices of specific modes for the gourmet kitchen, for pastry and bakery or for the preparation of ice cream. Operators can choose only certain available functions or purchase the top of the range, able to respond to all the most common needs, from cooling to slow cooking, up to drying.

Fully customisable blast chiller
Irinox has launched MultiFresh® Next, a new fully customisable eco-propane blast chiller that offers five configurations: Gourmet cooking, that can manage the temperatures from -35°C to +85°C. In allows pre-set chilling, freezing cycles, low-temperature cooking, followed by chilling, freezing or keeping hot; Pastry & Bakery with available proofing cycles including direct, scheduled or retarder. An absolute first offered by the Irinox blast chiller is the humidity control option; Ice Cream, that in addition to ice-cream freezing cycles, offers pasteurization and drying. MultiFresh® Next is also available in the Excellence version, with over 11 functions included or Essential one, the basic version that offers all key blast-chiller functions.

Preparation in the foreground
In a professional kitchen there are numerous preliminary operations to cooking and they must be carried out with precision and speed so as not to preclude the final result of the recipe. A functional appliance for many of the food preparation activities is the grater which, in the professional versions, is able to chop many different ingredients quickly and in various sizes, from bread to cheese to dried fruit. It is therefore ideal for catering, pastry or bakery.
The quality models are very solid, easy to disassemble and clean and suitable for intensive use.
The same characteristics must also be present in other specific types of food preparation appliances, such as meat grinders, tomato squeezers and fresh pasta making machines, now increasingly full of functions that ensure precision, choice between different operating modes and simplicity of use.
The need to speed up the operations of food preparation, in order to obtain high-level final results, gave life to some very functional and advanced appliances that deserve a special mention, such as the ultrasound machine for the meat and vegetables maturation: a tool that greatly accelerates the time required to soften the meat and let the vegetables ripen, a solution that also brings great benefits in the rational use of raw materials and their storage.
In this regard, it is always useful to make use of vacuum storage, a method now used both in professional and domestic environments, thanks to the offer of increasingly practical and sophisticated systems.

A multifunctional grater
The Maxi Vip 8G/S is an electric grater by R.G.V. with professional stainless steel drum, ideal for grating cheese, bread, dried fruit and chocolate. Available in different colors, it is equipped with stainless steel basin, intuitive switch button, security micro switch, which allows the grater to work only when the lever is down and practical mechanism to remove the drum, dishwasher safe.
A multifunctional grater
The Maxi Vip 8G/S is an electric grater by R.G.V. with professional stainless steel drum, ideal for grating cheese, bread, dried fruit and chocolate. Available in different colors, it is equipped with stainless steel basin, intuitive switch button, security micro switch, which allows the grater to work only when the lever is down and practical mechanism to remove the drum, dishwasher safe.
New proposals to speed up the times in the kitchen
SonicAger is the new ultrasound machine for maturation of meat and vegetables. It is an innovation by Besser Vacuum, which presented three solutions of new generation at Host 2019. SonicAger allows to soften all cuts of meat and bring the vegetables to an accelerated maturation. Only one hour of use corresponds to around 30 days of traditional maturation. TheProbe is instead a wireless core probe, designed for the sous vide world, which allows to control the temperature of food, without having to hole the bag. Thanks to a long-life battery it works for more than 3 years without the need for recharging.The third news by Besser Vacuum shows the company great attention to the environment: it is ReLife, the 100% recyclable bags that can be thrown into the plastic container.


Vacuum machine ideal with envelopes, rolls and containers
The S250 Premium series of the Sico Kitchenware® range of Bisva has powerful pump and transformer which ensure speed and professional-level performance. The welding is double. The use is made easy by the patented magnetic closure system, which minimizes the intervention of the user. It is possible to use envelopes, rolls and containers. Five finishes, here is black glitter chrome.

Increasingly smart and eco-friendly cooking
Increasing attention is being given to energy savings, which is an important element for cost control in the professional field. The proposals in the cooking area, both with regard to the ovens and the hobs, aim to cut energy consumption while offering high performance and numerous possibilities to customize any products. The ovens differ for the typical needs of gourmet cuisine on the one hand and for those peculiar to pastry on the other. As in the smart home, even the professional sector increasingly offers connected devices, which allow functions to be activated remotely, control the progress of cooking but also consumption. In the cooking sector design is another characteristic standing out, especially in the structuring and organization of the different modules that compose the kitchen, which must always be more practical and ergonomic and, once again, customized according to the specific needs of users and spaces.

Customizable and high-tech ovens
Moretti Forni presents the restyled line of serieS. The advanced oven for static baking with an extremely low consumption and high attention to energy saving becomes completely customizable: more than 4 million combinations in order to personalize the oven according to customer’s needs, from constructive material to accessories choice to create a professional tailor-maid device for every professional. Another interesting proposal by Moretti Forni is Proven, the oven also ideal for domestic use, that reaches a maximum temperature of 400°C with the normal domestic 3Kw supply and it is suitable to bake at home, in pizzeria, in a pastry lab or in a bakery.
Smart and versatile solutions for cooking
Tap is a Tecnoinox oven, a professional combination available in different capacity versions, from 5 to 20 trays and made in the gastronomy variants (with and without boiler) and pastry. Through its digital touchscreen interface it helps the chef to manage the work in the kitchen in a more functional and efficient way. The main plusses of the product include: Cookbook, the electronic cookbook; the Multifood technology, which allows to cook different foods simultaneously, the Smartwash programs, which offers five types of washing, and Smartheat, which optimizes the energy use. Finally, Climafix Tap also offers remarkable performance in steam management.
Mosaico is instead a new concept of modular island kitchen, always born from the know-how of Tecnoinox: a professional, flexible and compact line, original declination of reduced depth modules (45 x 40 cm instead of 70 or 90 x 40 cm).
Tecnoinox Mosaico
Elegant and practical solution for food display
Cube by Emainox is the new line dedicated to the world of food display and distribution. The range consists of refrigerated, heated, neutral elements and a rich variety of accessories. It is available in modular solutions with a depth of 750 mm that can be easily joined side-by-side in line or placed as islands according to the customer’s needs. Some new details of this line are the refrigerated drawers with telescopic guides, the new concept of dry heated bain-marie with ventilation, the possibility to place gantries with central or frontal support and the wide range of finishing and materials for the frontal and lateral panelling.