Ernestomeda presents the K-Lab kitchen


The new K-Lab kitchen model, designed by Ernestomeda and conceived by Giuseppe Bavuso, consists of solutions with a strong aesthetic impact and, at the same time, of sober elegance, adopting an informal stylistic language. Characterized by a system of open elements with a metal structure, it takes inspiration from the large work benches of industrial environments. The wise alternation of full and empty volumes responds to functional needs and gives dynamism to the entire project. Ernestomeda describes K-Lab as “a kitchen with an innovative design, where tradition coexists harmoniously with experimentation and “cult” elements are mixed with contemporary lines, technological materials and original use solutions. The result is a kitchen project with a refined style but a technical soul, able to respond to every practical need, without sacrificing the aesthetic component.”
Among the new finishes of K-Lab, Metallix (Platinum, Graphite, Onyx) is the finish developed by Ernestomeda for metal surfaces: the raw metal is pretreated through some processing steps that involve a particular brushing, oxidation and a special painting, the result of a patented technology that goes beyond mere lacquering and that allows to keep the original metal effect, but with high anti-corrosion characteristics.
The range of lacquers, in addition to the Flat Matt and glossy finishes, today sees the inclusion of Ernestomeda Zero Gloss ™, an exclusive lacquer with high opacity and softness to the touch, the result of a complex process of research and laboratory tests. This new type of treatment is also available for wood and responds to the request to obtain elegant surfaces, soft to the touch and highly opaque. The wood variants, instead, are enriched with Nordic Oak, Black Oak open pore veneers and the new heat-treated Oak version., while the new entries in the range of Stone +, marbles, granites and stones, among which the Stone + Cervino Tarmac, the Sky Gray Marble in a semi-gloss finish and the Calacatta gold Marble in a matt polished finish.
Among the special features of the K-Lab project, the K-System modular open system stands out, which can be realized for many elements: from the bases to the columns, from the wall units to the island hood. The open bases are characterized by ergonomic structures for the work area, which can be enriched with removable or fixed shelves. The K-System universe also includes columns, which can accommodate ovens, shelves and drawers that can be removed or fixed, and wall units, which support glass shelves with a customizable structure in Metallix finishes or in Zero Gloss and Flat Matt lacquered colors.
K-Lab, finally, features the Dual cooking / washing monoblock, equipped with a hob with front controls. The sink basin is made of the same material as the top, while for the hob it is possible to choose between different types of recesses. The Gourmet hob is available in built-in or welded version with integrated controls.