Three new ceiling ventilation appliances in the Gaggenau’s 200 series


Gaggenau, the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances, launches its new ceiling ventilation 200 series. The new entries feature three design variations enable the private chef to prepare cuisine in the same way as a professional would – quietly capturing vapours and odours thus diminishing them from the kitchen. Gaggenau’s ceiling ventilation possibilities include free hanging with lift function, surface mounted and integrated appliances which are discreet additions to the architecture of the kitchen, while perfectly complementing the full range of ovens and cooktops 200 series.
The choice of ceiling ventilation design allows the consumer the utmost flexibility when designing a kitchen, catering it to their personal culinary needs. Both the free hanging and surface mounted ceiling ventilation solutions offer a sophisticated statement for the private chef. The anodized aluminium free hanging appliance is height adjustable using a motorised lift function, and features neutral white LED’s which illuminates cuisine from above — transforming the necessity of ventilation into a design masterpiece. The surface mounted appliance is crafted from precision aluminium and is visible on the kitchen ceiling, yet remains an almost unnoticeable addition to the kitchen interior. The integrated ventilation appliance’s seamless design blends effortlessly into the kitchen environment – the impressive 120 cm integrated extractor is remarkably unobtrusive, ensuring aesthetic unification within the kitchen space. The surface mounted and integrated variations are available in the colour Gaggenau Light Bronze with the free hanging version offered in the colour Gaggenau Black.
Each ceiling ventilation appliance contains powerful yet quiet BLDC motors which, alongside advanced noise reduction technology ensures an almost silent solution which is efficient in removing a majority of odours and vapours during air extraction and recirculation. The fan can be easily controlled via the cooktop yet the ventilation system located inside the appliance can adjust its power levels in reaction to the atmosphere. The fan speed correlates with fumes in the room to remove the undesired effects of cooking without the user having to manually change the power, resulting in the kitchen remaining as the perfect environment for hosting guests.
With the odour and grease filters being easily removable and dishwasher safe the Gaggenau ceiling ventilation 200 series offers complete convenience of maintenance.