Live consciously, eat healthily, save time with BSH Home Appliances


Home Connect is the Bosch and Siemens Appliance ecosystem that offers innovative solutions for a better daily life. This is the intention and mission of the German brand, that has recently presented new interesting products, such as the Cookit, the first all-in-one kitchen appliance with cooking function, offering a wide range of cooking options – from guided cooking and manual cooking to numerous automatic programs. Equipped with an XL pot, maximum temperatures up to 200 degrees and professional accessories, this connected appliance can be fed with ideas from Home Connect’s recipe pool – including various inspirations from the recipes supplier Kitchen Stories for step-by-step recooking.
Siemens also presents a significant innovation: the world’s first oven whose door can be opened by voice control. Siemens iQ800 Premium, instead, is a range of laundry care products, including connected washing machine and matching dryer featuring the latest technologies. For example, the washing machine transmitting its sensor information to the dryer via intelligentDry function. The dryer thus knows how much laundry has been washed and with what number of revolutions it was spun. Based on this information, it automatically selects the appropriate drying program. In addition to that, intelligentDry enables an exact display of the drying time.
To use its smart solutions in an easy way, BSH has given a completely new look & feel to the Home Connect App, which allows connected household appliances from different brands to be operated conveniently.
In addition to the trend themes of connectivity and voice control, artificial intelligence is also opening up new dimensions in the kitchen for the home appliance sector. Bosch presented the first Series 8 sensor oven from the accent line, which predicts when the cake or roast prepared according to an individual recipe will be ready.