The strong commitment of Arçelik in the environment safeguard concretizes itself in very innovative appliances


Arçelik, owner of 12 brands in the household appliances sector, including the two European brands Beko and Grundig, took part at the latest edition of IFA, expressing its commitment in the environment safeguard. The company stated its intention of make available its technology, which filters microfibres, to competitors in the appliance industry.
Arçelik, in fact, developed the world’s first washing machine with an integrated filtration system for synthetic microfibres, available on the market in 2020. More than a million fibers flow into the drain and end up in the ocean after every wash cycle. These fibers are then ingested by fish and other marine animals reaching our food chain. The new technology will block 90% of the microfibres before they enter the water sources, through a filtering system placed in the detergent drawer, which will filter the water before discharging it. In his opening speech, Arçelik CEO Hakan Bulgurlu called for closer collaboration between companies in the sector and is ready to share this new cutting-edge technology for a common good. Bulgurlu said that humanity is facing a global crisis that damages and destroys the environment much more quickly than it can regenerate. «As an international group – he said – with products and services distributed in 146 countries, we have decided as our mission to do everything we can to make a change. Every day lost against the fight against environmental disasters, it is a day in favor of climate catastrophe. We believe that reducing the environmental damage in place is a duty for our company and a great opportunity that we must taken.»
Many are the Arçelik initiatives for helping the environment.
Among these, we can mention, the development of a washing machine basket made from PET bottles. In the last year a total of 25 million PET bottles (250 tons of plastic) were recycled for the production of washing machine baskets, with a saving of 5.7 million kWh of energy and avoiding the emission of 885 million tons of CO2.
The Bio refrigerator is another Arçelik innovation: it is produced with Bio Plastic, Bio Polyurethane from insulating material and Bio Compounds obtained from food waste. By increasing the durability of soy-derived materials, egg and corn shells, the carbon footprint of this Bio plastic is 80% lower than a common plastic.
Also very interesting is the refrigerator operating with solar energy, without having to be connected to the electricity grid. Powered by DC (direct current) instead of AC (alternating current), the product has a low level of carbon footprint and high efficiency compared to normal refrigerators. Switching from alternating current to direct current, in fact, means lower costs, high energy efficiency and reduction of food spoilage. The product will be put into production at the beginning of 2020.