Customizable in style and functions, this is one of the new current trends for home appliances


“Homes to love”, Australian magazine of home design and furnishings, published a list of the five most recurrent trends shown during IFA 2019.
Speaking about style, one of the most evident new trend is the use of black stainless-steel finishes. As underlined, it’s not quite as bold as matte black but is no fingerprints, an interesting advantage. This colour is available in almost all the appliances, from fridges and dishwashers to washing machines, dryers and ovens.
The second trend that “Homes to love” noticed at IFA is the strong customisation of the models, in both design and functions, because there are options to change the devises exterior look but also their mode of working and interact with the user. So there is a solution for everyone. 
The third trend concerns refrigerator shape: flat-facing fridges are taking over from curved lines. Leading appliance brands propose fridges model that appear as though they are built into the cabinetry, by squaring off the edging and flattening the face. Handles are either gone completely and replaced with door notches, or in-line with squared design of the unit. Those who visited IFA 2019 could not forget the new trends of TV because they really stood out for the big sizes, more and more similar to that of cinema, and with an incredible image quality, thanks to 8K versions, which means 33 million pixels are working together to deliver detail like never before. Finally, the latest trend examined by “Homes to love” is the frequent vintage style that still characterizes many appliances.