Aran Cucine presents Mia


Mia by Aran Cucine is a fresh, young kitchen, designed to be a truly ‘personal’ element in the home. A solution capable of meeting different tastes and needs without neglecting beauty and design. Extremely versatile and ideal for those looking for simplicity, functionality and practicality, it is always customizable, modular on project even by inserting elements from other collections, characterized by a minimal and at the same time dynamic design.
Essential oblique lines “break” the order of the base and wall units, creating a lively contrast with the horizontal planes. The result is open modules with sloping shelves and the possibility of personalizing the kitchen environment with accessories, books and tableware always on display and always at hand. To enrich the composition it is possible to interrupt the columns dedicated to built-in appliances and pantry compartments with open modules of different sizes, or choose shoulder systems or the Fill bookcase (with metal uprights) to create harmony with the living area.
A very wide range of finishes and details are available: from the smooth and linear doors available with handle, with groove or with push pull opening, to the backlit Magnetolab, passing through different materials: glass, colored laminates, wood and surfaces with a material effect.