Key word: simplification!


A trend emerged from the latest edition of IFA is undoubtedly the consumer wish of simplification. This is one of the main driver recurring in the most of Technical Consumer Sectors, as the experts of GfK underlines.
Major domestic appliances make no exception and, together with simplification also show trends such as performance/capacity and borderless shopping.
According to GfK´s Consumer Life survey, almost half (52 percent) of consumers globally agree with the statement ‘I am always looking for ways to simplify my life’. So reducing the time needed to carry out household chores is of particular value for consumers, and hence multifunctional and smart appliances are growing in popularity. With 13 percent turnover growth in 2019, washer/dryers are a prime example of this trend. A more recent and substantial trend is steam-supported appliances which generate multiple use cases, from improved drying in dishwashers to fewer creases in laundry, to healthier cooking. Globally, steam-assisted products jumped to a growth rate of 41 percent in the first half of 2019. Currently China and India are embracing this trend, which promises future growth.
Smart appliances are usually equated with the benefit of simplification.
As mentioned before, borderless shopping is also a key to success: 65 percent of consumers in GfK FutureBuy survey say they feel more empowered than ever before on their purchase journey. With the advent of on-line retail, shopping 24/7 has become the new normal and has enhanced consumer expectations of the buying experience. Consequently, purchase channels become less relevant, and the omnichannel approach is key to success.