The new Total No Frost fridge freezer by Bauknecht


Bauknecht has recently launched its new Total No Frost fridge-freezer, equipped with a “Fresh Zone+” compartment with humidity control slider that lets users keep fruit and vegetables perfectly fresh for up to 15 days. Part of an all-new range of 60cm bottom mount fridge freezers from Bauknecht, the new models precisely control temperature to keep food fresher for longer. Thanks to smarter space management and authentic design, the new fridge freezers provide the ideal solution for modern living.
Bauknecht’s Total No Frost system actively circulates chilled air within the cavity to prevent ice from forming, so that there’s no more need to manually defrost the freezer and one less chore to worry about.
Moreover, the new Bauknecht fridge freezers’ “Active Fresh” system assures precise control over temperature levels, effectively maintaining optimal conditions and preventing temperature fluctuations. In the freezer, the precision “Active Freeze” technology minimises temperature swings and reduces freezer burns, while ensuring ideal food preservation conditions for maintaining the quality, color and taste of frozen foods for longer.
Another interesting feature of this model is the Intuitive, flexible storage management solutions that make it effortless to stay organised and store things your way.
Inside the fridge, in fact, the Flexi Shelf lets users slide the front half of the shelf under and back to provide more space for bottles and tall items stored on the shelf below. The fridge also features Pull Out Shelves able to slide forward by 12cm, for more comfortable access. This makes it easier to reach items placed in the back of the fridge and also makes cleaning the shelves simpler.
Finally, Bauknecht’s new Total No Frost fridge freezers feature minimalistic contemporary designs that combine refined aesthetic with excellent usability. Created to complement the breadth of styles in today’s kitchens, they are available in colour options of optic inox and white.