Haier, Candy and Hoover are ready to present very innovative solutions at IFA 2019


IFA 2019 is ready to open the doors in Berlin on 6th September and Haier Group will be one of the protagonists of the exhibition, where it will show the strong complementarity of its three brands – Haier, Candy and Hoover. – For the occasion, the Group has prepared a real IoT ecosystem, where visitors will find innovative and customized products and solutions in the washing, cooling, cooking and SDA sectors.
Located in Hall 3.1 – with the addition of an external space between Hall 3.1 and Hall 5.1 – Haier’s exhibition space will be based on a dynamic, immersive and visually striking philosophy. Visitors will in fact be invited to interact directly with the products and to experience the most innovative technologies: events, animations, demonstrations and show-cooking, enhanced by the presence of led-walls and scenic installations will contribute to offering the public a very special user experience.
The absolute protagonist of Haier’s presence at IFA 2019 will be the presentation of the IOT ecosystem, with over 400 square meters in the center of the exhibition space that clearly show the centrality of this theme within Haier’s global strategy.
The Group ability to propose new solutions related to the development of intelligent technology and the Internet of Things translates into appliances and smart product families that can connect to external devices and services, creating a true intelligent and predictive ecosystem for the consumer, which sees the concept of Smart Home translated into reality.
Furthermore, at the turn of the IFA will be presented and introduced a series of important technological partnerships, starting from those with Amazon and Google to establish the connection protocols with digital butlers to interact directly with the appliances or have the possibility to use the automatic reordering systems for consumables and detergents thanks to Amazon Dash Replenishment.
The Haier brand is positioned at the top end of the Group’s product range, thanks to high-tech solutions with an advanced and sophisticated design that guarantee a personalized and absolute user experience.
The company strategy is also focusing on giving strong meaning and identity to each of its brands.
So Haier is the brand offering appliances that integrate perfectly with a dynamic and modern lifestyle, just for those who are constantly looking for innovation and quality without giving up a strong aesthetic and design component. Haier means technological innovation at the highest levels, and at IFA it will propose the launch of a new built-in range alongside solutions dedicated to cooling and washing.
In this area, the protagonist will be the I-Refresh Technology, a new washing system that uses air washing to offer consumers the opportunity to take care of premium and delicate materials, offering customers a personalized and experience. However, the brand’s super hero will be the cooling, with the presentation of the line of refrigerators equipped with Fresher Techs Technologies, premium and high-tech solutions that have their roots in Haier’s DNA and know-how in developing innovations to effectively preserve and longer food: the antioxydant zone, the fast freezing zone and the ABT system are among the main functions that allow to increase the freshness of foods, cool them down faster and eliminate 99.8% of harmful bacteria.
Haier Built-In appliances will also have a prestigious role, as in 2020 the brand will launch a complete range of ovens, hobs and hoods with a sophisticated design and equipped with innovative technologies, designed to position on the premium level of the market.
Very interesting will also be the solution dysplayed by Candy and Hoover.
Candy will present the innovative and functional RapidO washers, with the most complete set of rapid washing programs on the market (9 cycles in less than an hour), with a high simplicity of use and an ergonomic design.
Hero product cooking at IFA 2019 will be the Smart Steam Wi-fi oven, which is characterized by its ease of use combined with a complete set of functions that can be activated with the simply-Fi app.
Finally, Candy will be introducing the Convivio fridg,e protagonist in the cooling area, the only double-door fridge in Italian style that offers the possibility of using the upper compartment with a “5 in 1” solution.
Hoover, instead, will displayed the new H-Wash 500 washing machine, able to respond to any type of washing need thanks to a complete set of customized programs and a “brushless inverter” motor able to accelerate the washing and guarantee great efficiency and the H-Dry 500 tumble dryer, the most ecological model on the market able to guarantee near-zero emissions with an air flow that allows the achievement of a high energy class.
H-KEEPHEAT, the first and only oven designed also to preserve food (already a protagonist at IFA 2018) will be the kitchen product’s hero product, where visitors will be able to appreciate the ability to combine high cooking performance with the possibility of preserving and serve tasty foods that are suitable for a healthy lifestyle.