Grundig promotes the respect for food

Valeria Margherita Mosca
Sunday 21 July 2019, the “Respect Food Tournament” by Grundig, has arrived at the Courmayeur Golf Club with a race that starts a long partnership throughout the summer season. The brand has found in the Golf environment the ideal place for an integrated communication project.
The Tournament is based on the name and the objectives of the Grundig “Respect Food” mission, with which the company has been committed for years, fighting against food waste, also through the design of products with innovative technologies able to guarantee less waste of resources. The circuit was designed to communicate brand values and raise the awareness of sustainability and respect for food resources in a highly profiled public.
The “Respect Food Tournament”, started on May 12th at the Carimate Golf Club, and was held in some of the most important Italian clubs such as Verona (May 26th), Acquasanta – RM (June 2nd), now Courmayeur. A partnership that was celebrated with a special initiative, in the name of nature, technology and design, held in parallel with the Golf Competition: the Respect Food Day in which the Foraging activity, in search of spontaneous herbs with the Chef & Forager Valeria Margherita Mosca, was followed by the Kitchen Workshop in a dedicated Grundig Corner.
The tournament will end on September 29, 2019 in the Castello Tolcinasco Golf Club with an evening dedicated to supporting Food for Soul, a cultural association founded by the Grundig Brand Ambassador, Massimo Bottura, which the company has supported since its foundation in the opening of refectories all over the world and in raising awareness about the fight against food waste.