An Abimis kitchen in a prestigious historical house in Paris


A few kilometers from the center of Paris, there is a farmhouse of the 17th century, formerly destined for the use of “depandance” of the palace of Versailles. It has been recently renovated to become a luxurious and comfortable residence with a project begun with the renovation of the chateau-style farmhouse and curated by the French architect Julie Smith. The ambition at the base was to respect and maintain all the historical characteristics of the building, both from the structural point of view and from the interior one. The furnishings have in fact been carefully selected to create a mix of French antiques and Italian design with a more contemporary taste that have created a fascinating contrast between ancient and ultra-modern.
The owner’s desire was to make the kitchen the protagonist of the living environment, a comfortable and convivial place where it is possible to carry out the actions with fluidity and speed. To exalt this environment even more, the elegance of Abelim’s ATELIER was selected. The architect has chosen to place a large rectangular steel module with storage space at the center of the kitchen, which offers a large stone support surface, which can also be used as a table if necessary.
The block used for cooking was instead flanked to the ancient stone sink and to increase the functionality of the space, the beliefs and sideboards of the nineteenth century, were also covered with Abimis steel tops, and others embellished with use of pietra serena.