Samsung has presented its idea of connected home


Samsung Electronics Italia and the Milan Polytechnic IoT Observatory organized the special event “The connected house according to Samsung”, held yesterday at the Samsung Smart Home in Milan.
The meeting was an important moment of reflection on the main aspects related to the concept of Smart Home. Between innovation, connectivity, sustainability and possible future scenarios, a “connected home recipe” took shape with all the useful ingredients to start designing it.
The path starts from an analysis of the main trends in this sector which, based on recent data on smart devices and appliances available on the market today, show that the connected home is already a reality, so much so that in 2018 it was recorded a growth of 52% compared to the previous year, with a value of 380 million euros. The research promoted by the IoT Observatory has shown a significant improvement in the perception of the added value of the connected products have identified two sectors that are driving the market. Home Speakers represent a new element that is experiencing great success, weighing 16% of the total market value. The other leading sector is that of household appliances, which account for 14% of the total, generating a value of 55 million euros – especially thanks to washing machines.

Daniele Grassi, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Italia
«We are working to make all our devices connected and really intelligent by 2020 – said Daniele Grassi, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Italia – Today the washing machine sector alone represents a percentage of 30% of the sales of models with connectivity. Samsung’s will is to develop technologies that bring a concrete benefit and that just today can change the way we live different daily activities, thanks to a connected ecosystem, able to combine and enhance the benefits of individual products.»