Less waste with the vacuum machines


The home machines suck the air from bags and containers and allow food to be stored longer, enhancing taste and nutritional properties

The S250 Premium series of the Sico Kitchenware® range of Bisva has powerful pump and transformer which ensure speed and professional-level performance. The welding is double. The use is made easy by the patented magnetic closure system, which minimizes the intervention of the user. It is possible to use envelopes, rolls and containers. Five finishes, here is black glitter chrome.

by Simona Preda

Prolonging food storage is an important factor to reduce waste but not only. Removing the air from these foods, in fact, these are preserved longer, because bacteria and mold do not proliferate, and then the deterioration is prevented. Furthermore it is also possible to prepare food in advance, when we have more time, store it with the vacuum system preserving taste and nutritional properties and consume it when you prefer.

Easy to use
Johnson Vacuum sealer is practical to use, since it con be activated by pressing a single button . There are two suction levels, for dry and wet foods, and two suction speeds. A high-performance sealing bar ensures secure closure. It is supplied with a tube to suck the air from the cans.

Practical use
To obtain the vacuum is necessary to use special equipment that sucks the air from the bag containing the food and seals it by heat sealing, in a hermetically manner. In addition to bags, to choose for this specific use, some machines also feature cans with valve lid, which must be connected to the appliance with a tube for sucking. The compact package must then be placed in the refrigerator or in the freezer, with the great advantage that no frost forms inside. The storage times vary, however generally they extend up to 5 times. For domestic use, there are several compact-sized devices on the market, in addition to professional built-in solutions.

With scale
Fresh Quality Smart by R.G.V. has a bar with touch controls to set the functions in a practical way, with automatic opening and closing. It is complete with scale, up to 2 kg. The structure is in ABS and steel, with compact dimensions. The package includes a 20×200 cm roll, 5 20×30 cm bags and a container attachment.

What kind of foods
What is it possible to preserve? Cured meats, cheese, meat and fish, but also vegetables and dried fruit, so both dry and wet foods, raw and cooked ones. In the case of cooked foods, in general, these are assembled raw with condiments and sauces, for example meat with a sauce or a marinade. Some vacuum machines have the “marinating” function, specific for these preparations.  Furthermore, there may be a tray, removable for cleaning, in which any liquid that comes out of the food is collected.

Fresh up to 5 times
Nital Foodsaver ®17X seals both dry and wet foods and features the marinating function for meat and fish preparations. With the “sealing only” function, rolls can be used. It has a tube with adapter for containers and bags, integrated roll-holder and cutter compartment and drip tray. It is equipped with 5 small /large size bags, 3 small bags with freshness-saving zipper and 1 roll.

Vacuum cooking
Some kinds of foods can be eaten immediately, just removed, such as cured meats or cheese, while others must be cooked, preferably with the sous vide method. This can be done with a steam oven or by inserting the closed bag in hot water, between 50° and 95°C; temperatures and times depend on the preparation. The great advantage of this type of cooking is that foods are rich in taste, nutrients and flavor, but also with a soft texture, such those of a quality restaurant.

The companies point of view

Small and compact
MiniVac of Berkel takes little space, in fact it measures L 39 x P 14 x H 8 cm. It is equipped with instant welding function in the bag with delicate foods, automatic or manual cycle, cycle for creating the vacuum in the containers. A tray collects any fluid that escapes from foods. A warning light switches on if air remains in the bag.

What is your strategies to make your products known?

Emanuele Marzi

Emanuele Marzi , Commercial Director of Van Berkel International: Communication and above all training of our stakeholders on the potential of the product in terms of savings, food freshness, practicality and time saving. From this year we are communicating the enormous advantages deriving from the joint use, at the domestic level, of the slicer and the vacuum machine; winning combination for cutting and storing different foods, not just cold cuts.

Ernesto Picozzi

Ernesto Picozzi , Home Appliance Marketing Manager of Johnson: We have organized trainings for promoters for the demonstration of our products. Promoters put beside the sales assistants of stores, instructing them on the use of the appliances and collaborating in the presentation of the functionalities. Regarding the on-line sales, it is possible to access, through the QRcode on each product, to demonstration videos that explain the use of the device in detail. This allows the customer to have, in a fast way, the necessary information to know it.

Emanuela Papagni

Emanuela Papagni, Foodsaver Product Manager for Nital: We try to implement an integrated strategy that covers the explanation of the product both off-line and on-line. For this reason, we use tools such as brochures, functional stickers to explain the product features, live demonstrations at certain times of the year, promotion on social media and TV channels.


Marco Di Leo
Marco Di Leo, CEO of R.G.V.: The communication in the shops is managed directly by the store in accordance with our company and takes place mainly through promotions, corners, flyers, etc. We also communicate the launch of a new product explaining its most successful techniques features through the website and our social media (Facebook and Instagram). We also take part to international fairs and cinema sponsorships, advertisings or cooking shows.

Which features are most appreciated by consumers?

EM: Regarding products for domestic use the most appreciated aspects are (not necessarily in this order): weight and size, power, suction force (which has a direct impact on the speed and quality of the result), materials and assembly quality, numerical of functions, basic equipment and design.

EP: The value for money is the basis for the sale of the product, but it is a winning weapon only if supported by a brand known to the general public. For this reason, Johnson is increasing its investments in advertising, both in sector magazines and in channels aimed at a wider audience (TV, posters …), with the aim of giving greater visibility to the brand, present since over 50 years on the market, as a synonym of guarantee.

EP: The possibility of avoiding waste and thus saving money, for example by taking advantage of offers and thus being able to conserve big quantities much longer.

ML: In the domestic sector consumers demand ease of use and cleanliness, an attractive design, little bulk in terms of size, high performance but with easy-to-perform operations, additional aids such as accessories or a cookbook , in addition to good value for money. In the professional sector they require us high performance, good value for money and an efficient after-sales service.

Without cable
It has a compact design that allows users to store it in a drawer. FS 3600 by Severin is suitable for delicate or wet foods and protects them from freezing burns. It create vacuum in bags and containers and, thanks to the cap it seals bottles, preserving the aroma of the wine. It works with battery or USB cable. The package includes 5 bags.
The Princess 492960 vacuum machine eliminates the air and is practical to use because it seals the bags automatically. It has three positions for suction, sealing and stopping. It is equipped with a bags roll of 28 x 300 cm. The feet are non-slip.
It cooks in water
Perfect Cook by Ardes allows to cook in a vacuum and must be uses immersed in a pot or a container full of water, hooked to the edge. Food should be left in the bag and on the appliance the temperature should be set, from 0 to 95 °C. It cooks even more foods together, has a digital display and a timer.