A Tecnoinox kitchen in the 9Bistrot of Venice


Tecnoinox organized and created the kitchen areas and the bar counter of 9Bistrot, the restaurant bar situated in the Multimedia Museum of the 20th century based in the city of Mestre (Venice). The company is specialized in the production of professional cooking appliances and ovens and is active in the market since 1984. It planned and created the ground floor restaurant kitchen, the ground floor bar counter and the top floor catering/events area kitchen. Tecnoinox is responsible for the catering and restaurant project created near the Museum entrance. The company has made all the cooking appliances and has also managed and coordinated all the other suppliers. The 9 Bistrot counter consists of a double row of appliances lined up opposite each other used to prepare and serving coffee and drinks. At the front there is room for the refrigerator base unit for beer kegs, a washing area and a cocktail station. The kitchen is a single space split up according to functions, to ensure that dirty areas are kept separate from clean areas with no crossover. Among the available appliances and areas, there is a cooking zone; a Tap ovens area complete with an extraction system, a gastronomic Tap oven and a Tap Pastry oven, a Blast Chiller, a Pastry Area; a preparation area for vegetables and meat; a Cold Dish preparation area; a dish washing and pan washing area, a chiller room and refrigerated cabinets area dedicated to storage of goods.