Big success for the Romanian appliances replacement program


Romanian consumers answer with great enthusiasm to the Government program for the house appliances replacement. According to real-time data posted on the website of the Environmental Fund Administration (AFM), half of the budget earmarked this year by the Romanian Government, equal to about 8.4 million euro, was exhausted within three and a half hours of the start of the sign-up session.
However, the procedure encourages people to sign-up even if they decide to give up afterward. The vouchers not used within 15 days become void, and others are issued to potential buyers.
Both Brown and White Goods are involved in the program and vouchers are available for the first time also for appliances such as tv sets and washing machines. Old appliances must be replaced with more energy efficient ones. “Each of us must know that we cannot use this program without replacing an old device. Through this program we take care of the environment by replacing old appliances” – said the Environment Minister, Gratiela Gavrilescu.
According to the Environment Ministry, 55,578 vouchers were reserved in three hours, of which 24,853 for TVs, 10,830 for refrigerators, 9,959 for washing machines, 5,094 for dishwashers and 4,842 for air conditioners.