Electrolux invests in air-purification


Air purification is becoming a very important theme for home appliances manufacturers. The most advanced technologies, in fact, are able to clean the home air, increasing the environment comfort. For this reason, Electrolux is partnering with Mila, a US/Chinese start-up that offers connected air purifiers via a subscription-based model direct to consumers.
According to a recent WHO report, air pollution has emerged as the single biggest environmental health risk, and with Electrolux committed to enhancing the wellbeing experience in the home, the investment in Mila is a natural step for the Swedish company as it explores new business models to develop its connected ecosystem.
Chinese market, consumers and manufacturers are particularly aware of these problems and has been developing effective solutions for years.
«We started Mila as three dads living in Shanghai who wanted to protect our kids from big city smog”, explains Grant Prigge, Mila CEO and co-founder. “We saw first-hand the role clean air played in both the physical and mental wellbeing of our families and friends and decided to do something about it.»
Mila, which operates in the Chinese market with plans to expand into other markets including the US, is re-imagining the customer experience from a one-time purchase with relatively large upfront costs to a clean air as a service model that provides more affordable, more accessible healthy air.
The Mila air purifier, with its streamlined design, continuously monitors air quality and optimizes the air in each room, while outdoor air quality data feeds monitor the air in the city where the user is based. Mila connects to the home wi-fi allowing the user to monitor and control the system from anywhere their smartphone have internet access.
«Wellbeing in the home is becoming a greater priority for the consumer – commented Daniel Wentz, Electrolux VP Consumer Product – and connected home air purifiers with air quality sensors can play a key role in the future of your family’s health. Mila’s business model focuses on the benefits of the product – the clean air delivered – rather than the product itself. The market is evolving and we’ll see more subscription-based services being offered for the home, and we’re excited to be part of that journey through our collaboration with Mila.»