Somipress, “Circular” by attitude


Somipress is an Italian company specialized in the aluminium die-casting: it manufactures burners for gas cooking appliances, that is to say components that, being visible also outside the product, are functional and aesthetical at the same time. A balance for which the added-value of the Made in Italy is fundamental, as explains Federico Elisei, Sales Director of the company: “In our case it is very important to develop the Made in Italy, in which we believe deeply, because design, aesthetics and all that concerns the sense of beauty constitute a very important value for us. However, Made in Italy is not only design and aesthetics. Italian companies that produce stoves, hobs and the related suppliers of components rely on broad experience in the sector (lasting for even 50 years) and this know-how gained in time is a productive plus we must enhance today through the digitalization and the use of new automation technologies allowing us to be more efficient and competitive. Finally, a further added value is the quality care and guarantee, which has always been irremissible for Made in Italy enterprises”.

Part of the range of domestic burners offered by Somipress

Quality that nowadays strictly depends on the exploitation of the potentialities of Internet of Things. “To be competitive, we must be efficient and, to be efficient, IoT is a very valid instrument to keep productivity data under control and to be able to analyse and to manage them at best. Our company has started reasoning in compliance with 4.0 vision since 2013, when we invested both in a new managerial system (ERP) and in a MES (Manufacturing Execution System), software that allows connecting all factory machines with computers to have data on the effective productivity in real time. The MES system can dialogue with ERP: only through a correct integration between these two systems, the manufacturing process can be managed in integrated and efficient manner”. The research on new materials and on surface coatings is an ambit where Somipress deems the collaboration with start-ups particularly interesting: “In the past, we already had opportunities of collaborating with start-ups and in the future we do not exclude we will give birth to further cooperation”.

High-efficiency Flush Dual burner with flat design.

Working the aluminium is for Somipress a privileged situation to accomplish good sustainable practices: “Entering a circular economy context is not difficult when you manufacture aluminium products, a material 100% recyclable that can be easily reintroduced into the production cycle. We are aware this favours us in fulfilling eco-sustainability practices and we might say aluminium is a circular material by excellence. The raw material, which we purchase from as Italian suppliers, is delivered in ingots and derives from the recovery of chips and scraps, too. Concerning our production cycle, we try, adopting the due devices not to damage quality, to reuse as much as possible also aluminium rejects and uncompliant products, to obtain new material. Regarding then the development of new products, we are working to implement mono-material components, then using exclusively aluminium and trying to use less and less other metals, like steel, copper or brass”.

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