Sifim, Filters in evolution thanks to 4.0 and to IoT


The main product by Sifim is the filter, a component that shares – and will more and more contribute – in monitoring, controlling and transferring determinate information to the household appliance where it is integrated, making then the appliance carry out consequent actions dictated by increasingly advanced technological devices. For this reason, the Internet of Things sector is an ambit to which the company pays utmost attention, concentrating its research in the apt solutions for making the filter more and more performing from this point of view, too.

Tino Sopranzetti, Sifim Sales Manager

As explains Tino Sopranzetti, company’s Sales Manager: “In Italy, the Smart Home market scores a growing trend, even if still low compared to the one in course in other Countries, such as France, Germany and United Kingdom. The devices that enable the smart home enhance the value of the component and of the product itself, because they not only provide information that it was impossible to achieve before but they also create higher safety conditions than in the past.
Concerning the Internet of Things in our company, we have already implemented a project to connect some machines that allow us to control the production better and to sequence more complex operations precisely in the ambit of the Smart Factory 4.0.”

Anti-fire filters for professional kitchen hoods.

The smart factory is naturally joined also by an as intelligent modality of managing the relationship with the environment: “Circular economy is a term ideated to define an economy conceived to regenerate. Certainly, in the future household appliances and a good part of the related components will be increasingly designed to provide regeneration and/or recycling possibilities, to grant a more sustainable economy in terms of costs and pollution. In the case of Sifim, for instance, which produces also ceiling lights for professional lighting, such products must be delivered to apposite centres that fully dismount the ceiling light and recycle 85-90% of materials”. Made in Italy? For Sifim is an undisputed value: “Only a long tradition built over the years can confer some nations the international acknowledgement of implementing better quality products and, just in virtue of this tradition, the Made in Italy has become a status of excellence. Made in Italy, in fact, instantaneously recalls design, elegance, refinement and the success that several products have reached. This is a great added-value, which we, Italians, sometimes neglect”.

Luca Pelagagge, Sifim Design Office Manager

Currently, explains Luca Pelagagge, Design Office Manager, Sifim does not avails itself of the collaboration of start-ups. “However, we believe it is worth monitoring these realities as we think they can produce some interesting ideas. At present, we are in contact with local incubators, but we have not concretely undertaken any collaboration, yet. In view of an eventual future partnership, the most interesting areas for us are the research on materials, environmental analyses, the environment depuration and the food conservation”.

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