CMI, the cut above of Industry 4.0

Paolo Santini, Managing Director of CMI.

“Concerning the specific business of CMI (mechanical hinges for household appliances), Made in Italy is certainly synonym of creativity and quality. Our capability of finding technical solutions for our customers’ requirements, of making them work properly and of granting high service levels, also due to the know-how of our supply chain, is an added value not easily found in other areas of the world. Until the Nineties, Italy was the motherland of the household appliance manufacturing, creating a unique competence level in the world. None of the multinationals that dominate the household appliance market is Italian (in the last years, many manufacturers have shut down, others have been taken overs), whereas on the contrary almost all excellences in the hinge sector are in Italy”.

CMI oven hinge

CMI has also lavished huge investments in the production upgrade: “We implemented forefront production planning and monitoring systems some years ago. Relying on real time data about the manufacturing progress for each single job order and about single plants’ performances has allowed us to reach the necessary efficiency levels to compete in our business sector profitably. Moreover, Industry 4.0 has boosted us to invest in more advanced machinery: we have benefitted from National Plan’s incentives and we have invested about 1.5 million Euros in all to buy plants equipped with Industry 4.0 enabling technologies. I think today it is impossible not using the instruments made available by technological evolution, always within the limits of the competitive perimeter where our company operates, that is to say without excessive sophistications”. The company attentively takes care of the selection of its partners, realities that can support the technological innovation and share in accomplishing good sustainability practices, too.

CMI fixed-fulcrum hinge for dishwashers.

Therefore, the collaboration with a company operating in the laser sintering with metal powders has been advantageous because it has allowed implementing prototypes with complex profiles in very short times. Besides, CMI’s suppliers include Arvedi steelworks, characterized by a steel production process that starts from chips and then recycles waste material. Another factor that underlines the environment protection is the choice of grinding the die used to form components and reusing the material.

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