3P ENGINEERING, technological and emotional values


stekio 3p“The Made in Italy always gives an added value to a product: it is the third brand in the world by notoriety and it is synonym of quality, from the care of details to design. As we assess with Test Benches, whose hardware and software are fully developed by 3P Engineering (3P Labware), meeting a growing success in international markets. More recently, with the 3P Cooking project we have ascertained the emotional value the Made in Italy design can arouse: Stekio and Burnerway burners have been developed in collaboration with professors of Milan Polytechnics, and the European project M-Stekio (Programme COSME, GA 733513), from which they stemmed, has been selected for the XXII Triennial in Milan Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival”.

Michele Marcantoni (on the right) and Rosalino Usci, Managing Directors of 3P Engineering.

3P Cooking, which 3P presents in preview at Appliances Components Match it, besides being a winning example of Made in Italy, is IoT ready: gas hobs that will be equipped with the new burners will be able to interact with other household appliances or the end-user’s smartphone with utmost user-friendliness. This technology, for the first time in the gas world, provides digital native control also in touchscreen, witnessing the importance that 3P Engineering recognizes to the application of new technologies in the household appliance industry.
Believing start-ups are often boosters of innovation and creativity, 3P Engineering has often worked with rising realities for specific projects, ranging from the Test Laboratory to the implementation of Test Benches, up to PreSeries business units and Product Development.
What about the circular economy theme? Thanks to its all-round competences, 3P Engineering is developing the innovative European project Chimera (GA n. LIFE 15ENV/IT/000631), oriented to the circular economy in the poultry sector, through a small-size plant able to transform the fowl-manure, a polluting waste, into fertilizer, thermal and electrical energy. The continuous cycle plant operation provides for a completely new combustion process, based on two registered patents.

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