Lg Oled helps promoting Korea’s culture with Unesco


Lg Electronics participates to an event in collaboration with Unesco, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Lg will help spread the legacy of one of Korea’s longest-standing traditions, chasu, the country’s unique take on the craft of embroidery. Under the banner, The Royal Palace, the cultural event is expected to deliver a next-level visual experience to visitors through the advanced features of the Lg Signature Oled TV W, popularly known as Lg’s Wallpaper TV. During Unesco’s 10-day exhibition in Paris (April 8-18), LG will showcase around 100 traditional embroidery designs from acclaimed Korean artist Lee Jung-sook. Both Lg and Unesco hope to capture the legacy of Korea’s traditional embroidery and its ability to convey the essence of the nation’s unique history and culture for all to experience.
This initiative responds to the Lg wish and commitment to preserve and promote Korea’s cultural heritage all over the world, since partnering with the Cultural Heritage Administration in 2016. Since then, Lg has undertaken various far-reaching initiatives to promote the nation’s distinctive cultural assets, many of which take their rightful place on Unesco’s World Heritage List.
Visitors to the exhibition can enjoy a spectrum of Lee’s embroidery work, ranging from her powerful emblem pieces to her colorful accessories, all presented on Lg’s stunning Oled TV which reproduces colors and details like no other display.