Whirlpool and its brands received 17 iF Design Awards


Whirlpool Corporation received seventeen iF Design Awards for products of the kitchen and laundry sectors signed by the Group multiple brands. In 2019, companies from 50 countries attended the iF Design Award and submitted 6,400 products to be judged by an international jury of 67 design experts. «People want inspiration from their surroundings and by the things they touch every day. They also want performance» – said J Mays, chief design officer for Whirlpool Corporation. – Staying true to our purpose and infusing design and innovation into every aspect of our appliances is how our teams operate every day. We are thrilled our vision is being honored with the prestigious iF labels.»
Among the kitchens products, the award goes to Bauknecht Built-in Collection (EMEA) – including a built-in oven, built-in microwave oven, and warming drawer, this stylish suite of premium kitchen appliances combines distinctive design, flexible features and proven performance; KitchenAid   Glassholder Dishwasher Accessory (EMEA) – this new foldable wine rack gives consumers flexibility in usage and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing; Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination (North American Region) – the newest addition to Whirlpool brand’s iconic kitchen lineup, the low-profile MHC provides a solution to small-space living through 1.1 cubic feet of “purposeful capacity,” which fits tall glasses, wide plates and big bowls. Whirlpool W Collection with the 4-Doors Fridge Freezer (Global),  the Black Fiber Range (EMEA) and the Supreme Clean Slim Size Dishwasher (EMEA).
Among laundry products the winners are: Indesit Push & Go Dryer (EMEA) – with curved surfaces, rounded corners, and clearer interfaces, including a wider door and easy-to-understand icons, the user experience is front and center while combining form and functionality; Whirlpool ACE XL   (India) – this intuitive, twin-tub washing machine provides an affordable but sleek-looking product for many first-time customers with distinct lids, pronounced wheels and handles to promote mobility; Whirlpool Bloomwash   (India) – a top-loading washing machine with the newly designed interior Hexa Bloom Impeller; Whirlpool   Emperor Wave 1 (China), Whirlpool   Emperor Wave 2 (China) ; Whirlpool  & Maytag Front Load Washer & Dryer (North American Region).