Gaggenau launches the ‘Respected by Gaggenau’ initiative


Gaggenau, the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances launches their new initiative, ‘Respected by Gaggenau’, in support of producers and craftspeople who use skilled and traditional techniques to achieve different products. The initiative was launched in Paris as part of the brand’s partnership with the inaugural World Restaurant Awards, produced by IMG.
«At Gaggenau, the newly appointed Managing Director, Peter Goetz says – creating an exceptional product is at the heart of everything we do, which is why supporting artisans, from those who strive to create high quality produce to those who rear rare and endangered breeds, is completely aligned to our brand. With the help of our highly skilled team of curators, I look forward to developing the ‘Respected by Gaggenau’ initiative and supporting our chosen artisans.»
The operation consists in the identification of exceptional artisans to receive official recognition with the mark of approval, ‘Respected by Gaggenau’. This will enable the chosen producers and craftspeople to be a part of Gaggenau’s high profile global events and to take advantage of their network of brand partners, including worldleading chefs, Michelin-starred restaurants, farmers and masters of wine. A select few artisans who have been ‘Respected by Gaggenau’ will be eligible to apply for a bursary. This bursary is to be invested into making their particular technique, skill or product more commercially viable, without compromising on quality. Assisting Gaggenau in choosing who will be marked with ‘Respected by Gaggenau’ will be global curators from a range of fields, including culinary, viniculture and luxury lifestyle.