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Innovation, design and energy efficiency are the strengths of Teka’s appliances. Among the most advanced models there are the iKnob induction hob and the iOVEN product.

by Elena Corti

Teka is an international reality: it is currently present in more than 115 countries and has more than 100 million customers around the world. The Group has 15 factories in Europe, Asia and America. It is a specialist brand in integral services for the kitchen, such as worktops, ovens, sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves and hoods. In addition, it manufactures and markets all bathroom solutions, including faucets for both bathroom and kitchen. Francisco López, Marketing Manager at Teka, tell us the main peculiarities and pluses of the company’s products.

Francisco López, Marketing Manager at Teka

What are the strengths of Teka’s home appliances?
The firm always seeks to meet the needs of consumers. For this reason, it produces household appliances with a positive energy rating, in order to achieve energy savings on a daily basis. The strengths of Teka products are based on innovation, originality and an essential design that does not go out of fashion and adapts to new times. In the case of Spain, the fact that a Teka product is installed in our users’ kitchens is mainly due to the good quality-price ratio that our appliances offer, while offering maximum efficiency and performance. The confidence shown by consumers causes Teka to have a strong responsibility and commitment to continue improving our products.

Which are the most innovative Teka products?
First of all, the iKnob, the worktop with intelligent induction. This appliance is presented as the most advanced induction and with a level of precision never known before. The main feature of the iKnob induction hob is its high-precision magnetic control that combines design and innovation. It not only selects the power of each zone or cooking time, but is a fully removable control that when removed locks the control panel for maximum safety. In addition, the worktop also has an invisible control panel and its red and blue colors differentiate cooking times and temperature.
Another Teka’s innovative product is iOVEN. It is an oven with a 5″ true colour TFT screen, a novelty that brings elegance and design to the appliance, and that allows the user to manage the functions of the appliance as if it had an integrated tablet. In addition, it comes with the DualClean system, a versatile cleaning system that combines two types of cleaning (Hydroclean and Pyrolysis), allowing the user to choose between steam cleaning or deeper cleaning at different temperatures. It also has a Multicook tray to steam in a healthier way.

Is design important for a Teka home appliance?
Design is essential in the creation of all our electrical appliances. We always try to take care of all aspects so that our consumers are satisfied. In Teka we create products with an elegant design, and with different shapes so that there is an ideal appliance for each kitchen. Nowadays the consumer is looking for straight and pure lines, which provide more space and allow a common aesthetic in the design of the kitchen, by integrating the furniture in a better way. The elements that stand out the most in the design are: integration of the kitchen in the atmosphere of the home, usability and the possibility of doing it in a tactile way, and contemporary design that doesn’t go out of style.

What are your most efficient appliances in terms of energy saving?
One of Teka’s most efficient products is the Quadro DLV 998 extractor hood, characterised by the energy efficiency and minimal noise. The appliance has the highest energy efficiency rating (A++) and saves 50% more energy than class A hoods. With respect to the extractors of the class D it is obtained a 75% of saving. Other examples could also be the A+ Ovens, which allow savings up to 20% on the electricity bill, and the Perfecta hood that has obtained the A class on the energy label for the four variables: energy efficiency, dynamic fluo, lighting on and grease filtering. It guarantees the perfect balance thanks to its twelve-layer filter that absorbs 98% of the grease.

What do you think about the smart home?
I believe that the intelligence of household appliances makes life easier for consumers. Technology at home speeds up functions such as cooking, washing dishes or drying clothes. Each of these tasks took a long time a couple of decades ago, but now machines help us in the day-to-day by minimizing the time spent on those tasks, and allowing users to devote time to what they really want. That’s why Küppersbusch (a brand of the Group) has created the new K Connect in this market that is beginning to evolve. However, we think that our customers are more passionate and traditional, they like to live experiences in the kitchen using old recipes and remembering good times.

In your opinion, what distinguishes a quality home appliance?
From my point of view, the quality of an appliance encompasses several aspects. Among the others, the most important are: the design that predominates over fashion, creating products that do not go out of fashion, with the highest quality, good usability and small details that are what make the difference in a good product.

The Italian company Zepa is part of Teka Group: is there a collaboration between Teka and Zepa?
Yes, we have been working with them for over a decade and our experience is very positive. We have been delighted with this company since we started the collaboration in 2004 and acquired the firm in 2014.

Is Zepa’s know-how an added value for Teka?
Zepa, our company Teka in Italy, is the competence centre of Gas for kitchens, globally responsible for the production plants for Asia and America. For Teka, Zepa is an added value because it brings us innovation, quality in design and usability. Zepa is part of Teka and share the same vision to satisfy consumers: for both brands, cooking should be a pleasure, not a mere functional action. To do this, they develop products that are easier to use, easier to clean and easier to install. The R&D for gas cooktops focuses on design, innovation and efficiency.

More than 90 years of history
• Teka foundation: 1924
• Teka factories in the world: 15, distributed on 3 continents
• Markets in which Teka is present: over 100 countries
• Teka home appliances: ovens, hobs, hoods, microwaves, compact ovens/steamers, dishwashers, water heaters, coffee machines, vacuum sealers, plate warmers, laundry products etc.
The iKnob induction hob has a high-precision magnetic control



The iOVEN is equipped with DualClean system that combines two types of cleaning: Hydroclean and Pyrolysis



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