Bot Chef and Chef Garden: the newest robots presented by Samsung


During KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) 2019, Samsung organized a a Technology Showcase at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas. It was a very special occasion to reveal the company’s vision for the future, with a range of cutting-edge lifestyle concepts on display. At the event, in fact, showed the newest addition to its intelligent robotic Bots lineup, alongside several devices first showcased in January at CES 2019.
Among the intelligent devises, Samsung presented Bot Chef, an AI-powered chef’s assistant – a “cobot”, or collaborative robot – that assists them as they whip up gourmet dishes. Bot Chef is designed to be easy to use and highly versatile, with a sleek exterior that hides its advanced mechatronics. «Bot Chef – Samsung explains – is optimized for kitchen use and is capable of a wide range of kitchen tasks – from chopping and whisking, to pouring and cleaning. Based on SARAM, Samsung’s multi-purpose programmable robotic platform, the lightweight robotic manipulator arm has six degrees of freedom, with the diameter, reach and safety of a human arm. This allows it to perform with a payload just enough to lift common, everyday kitchen items, making it ideal for homes and small businesses.» Users can interact with the robotic arm using simple and intuitive voice commands. Meanwhile, the underlying AI and machine-learning skills platform allows users to easily program tasks to perform using voice control, physical manipulation and app-based controls, thereby creating new “skills”.
But Bot Chef is not alone. Samsung has also created Chef Garden, a robot with an AI farming platform that effortlessly produces fresh, pesticide-free fruit and vegetables all year round.
Chef Garden integrates seamlessly with the next generation of Samsung Family Hub, using the power and water connections already provided to the refrigerator. To grow their plants, users can choose from a wide variety of seed capsules and place them in the Growing Zone, which applies fogponics technology to create a nutrient fog that delivers water and nutrients to the plants, saving water and keeping the inside of the Growing Zone clean.