LIVING KITCHEN: the chameleonic kitchen by ARAN Cucine


Functionality and flexibility are the main characteristics of Cover, a very special furnishing solution, designed by the Italian company ARAN Cucine for the modern kitchens and the contemporary needs. This absolutely particular proposal, that will be displayed at LivingKitchen 2019, features a patented door system, made by a laminate LPL panel couplet by a thin sheet which represents the ideal metal support for the interchangeable covers, flexible sheets in printable magnetic vinyl. This material allows the door to renew itself continually, intercepting the need for uniqueness which characterized consumers and the desire to change continually. Customization is the key word of this incredible solution, that includes a huge selection of finishes, decoratives and high quality materials to provide unlimited combination possibilities.Creating a new style for the kitchen and changing it anytime someone wants is very easy: just choose a graphic, a color or a photograph and the company will print the covers to replace the previous ones on the cabinets doors. These attach and detach in a moment, like the covers of a smartphone.