Falmec – The air specialists

From left: Lorenzo Poser, Marketing Director / Sales Director / Communication Manager; Andrea Poser, Production Manager; Danilo Poser, President; Maurizio Poser, Vice President

Behind a great brand there is always a story, made of courage and intuitions. An example is Falmec, a company of hoods, born and based in Veneto (Italy), that has made of air treatment its mission.
In 1981, the founder Danilo Poser, after an experience in the field of stoves, has given new value to the concept of air quality, transforming over the years a small artisan reality in an international reference player, careful to innovation, functionality and to design.

In 35 years of activity many have been the international recognition received, which marked a path made up of many small revolutions and satisfactions, first of all that for the customer.
Today the company is present all over the world with 5 branches abroad and has transferred its technological know-how to other similar and complementary sectors, such as the suction hobs and the air purification. However, the international presence is only commercial, because Falmec has chosen to keep its production at Vittorio Veneto (in the Inox Valley), making of Made-in-Italy its distinctive mark, intended as a synergistic union among industrial production, innovation, design, experience and crafts know-how.

Among the most recent products, we can mention the hoods with NRS® (Noise Reduction System) technology which – thanks to a recycled polyurethane coating, patented in collaboration with the University of Padua – reduce noise pollution, and the Sintesi hob, which has received numerous design awards.
Future projects include the wish to increase exports and introduce the culture of filtering hoods in Italy too, continuing the path drawn by Circle.Tech, a solution that – without an external connection for the fumes canalization – integrates suction and filtration in a single unit, guaranteeing maximum efficiency with minimum bulk and freeing up new possibilities for design.