The increasingly role of appliances style in the kitchen


Sebring, American company operating in the home design and kitchen remodeling, has identified some interesting kitchen appliances design trends, defined as “exciting” to create a very personalized environment. As the company underlines in its website, it is very frequent people think only to the cabinets colors, but more rarely to the appliances ones, that in the most unexpected places, like a refrigerator or microwave, can have a major impact. But colors are not only synonymous of red and orange. There are also many versions of neutral nuances.
Stainless, for example, is proposed in a range that goes from gray to black, providing a richer, warmer feel than traditional stainless steel.
Even white has received an update for the 21st century. As Sebring notices, brands like Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Samsung have updated this traditional color with stainless steel accents and handles. The kitchens flooring and furniture colors can create an harmonic style, where white becomes protagonist.
But white can also become a modern element in the black & white design of many contemporary solutions, or enhance a retro style, maybe with a wooden floor.
Changing completely the aesthetic choices, instead, a growing trend sees the use of bright red or orange, often combined with soft colored cabinets, influencing classic kitchens with cheer and whimsy and giving a great energy to the space. In these solutions, of course, appliances become the real protagonists. Royal blue, like that proposed by Officine Gullo, or violet, like the Ilve one, give importance especially to freestanding cookers. But also yellow and electric color create very special effects. Proposals are really many, and for every king of taste. What is important to see is that appliances is now more and more a piece of furniture and have an important role in the final stylist effect of the home.