Italian market: negative trend for home appliances


From January to September the home appliances sector recorded a negative trend on the Italian market. According to GfK, major appliances value decreased by 2.4%, with a fall of the sold units of 2%. Among the main categories, the only which saw a positive result was that of dryers, which continues their growth with a value trend of +10.8% and an increase of sold models of 12.4%. All the other product categories are negative in the considered period, with the only exception of ovens, that saw a modest growth of the sold pieces of 0.8%, although the segment revenue decreased by 2.6%. Freestanding cookers recorded the worst trend among major appliances, with a volume drop of 14.2% and a value fall of 16.7%. Washing and Cooling also closed the first nine month with negative results: washing machines value marked a -2.3%, while volume decreased by 3.1%. Very similar is the trend of refrigerators, while freezers saw a stronger drop. Analyzing the small domestic appliances data, GfK reported a general fall of volume by 2.7% and a revenue growth by 0.2%. The best performance was that of appliances for the House, that succeeded in growing by 6.5% in value, while volume decreased by 4.7%. Vacuum cleaners were the best-sellers (with value +21.3% and volume +4.3), but also espresso machines, men shaving and epilation closed the period with good results. Squeezers and extractors recorded, instead, marked a very bad trend, with double digit fall.

Total MDA-2.0-2.4
Washing machines-3.1-2.3
Freestanding cookers-14.2-16.7
Source: GfK
Total SDA-2.70.2
House categories -4.76.5
Vacuum cleaners4.321.3
Irons -9.7-8.4
Steam clenaing-6.9-16.0
Kitchen categories-3.2-5.7
Espresso machines4.63.2
Food preparation -5.7-7.5
Personal care-1.3-1.5
Man shaving2.21.5
Woman D-epilation 0.4-1.1
Hair care-2.5-2.7
Oral care1.2-3.4
Source: GfK