What about appliances life?


HWA, Home Warranty of America, published a list of the average lasting of the main home appliances. According to what it says, refrigerators last on average about 13 years, if correctly used and maintained. Of course, the properly use is fundamental to make any kind of appliance work for a long time. Microwave ovens and dishwasher could not reach ten years, but generally work around for nine years. The appliances for laundry, washing machines and dryers, have generally a life of about 10 years the first and 13 the second. If we speak of cooking devices, instead, Home Warranty of America underlines that duration changes according to their source. So for electric ovens and hobs, user can hope a lasting of 13 years, while gas ranges should last a little bit more and reach 15 years. Water heater, then, are expected to last almost 10 years or something more if electric instead of gas. And what about air conditioning units? They are going to be closer to between 10 and 15 years. It is very important that companies explain very well in the instructions all what users can do to extend their appliances life, so to be satisfied to the model choice, increasing his trust for the brand.