Falmec and Quite Mark promotes the true silent appliances


After obtaining the certification for the extremely quietness of its collection of Silence hoods, equipped with the NRS® (Noise Reduction System) technology, Falmec strengthens its partnership with Quiet Mark, promoting through its brand the extreme silence of its products in 22 European markets. The Quiet Mark institution was founded in England in 1959, in response to the growing consumer demand to solve the problem of excessive noise produced by household appliances and technological devices. Through an acoustic test, Quiet Mark rewards and certifies with its own brand only the deserving solutions in terms of silence and soundproofing.
The NRS® technology by Falmec ensures maximum silence and at the same time high performance in its hoods. The NRS® collection offers wall-mounted models, such as Lumina NRS®, Vela NRS®, Plane NRS®, Flipper NRS® and Aria NRS®, island hoods as Zenith NRS®, or built-in ones with NRS® Built-in Group, to meet the most different needs of living in the kitchen. Featuring a powerful 800 m3/h engine, the hoods of the NRS® line provide a very high levels of noise with a 45dB acoustic emission at maximum speed.