American coffee with Smeg


Smeg enlarges its 50’s Retro Style range with special new entry: the filter coffee machine, available in different colors. The Italian company ensures the appliances features an advanced technology, guaranteeing high performance for a totally personalized experience.
The Smeg filter coffee machine is able to prepare aromatic, richly-flavoured coffee with the option of selecting the aroma intensity the user prefers, to satisfy both the most delicate palates and those in search of more intense flavours.
This appliance combines high levels of performance with a sophisticated design, making it an object to show off and testifying to the dedicated research carried out by Smeg, with a view to creating style icons in which the harmony of shapes and forms marries with the more functional, technological components.
The product is available in black, red, white, cream and the more delicate shades of pastel blue and pastel green. Furthermore, the Smeg filter coffee machine is also equipped with an aroma setting button (ranging from intense to delicate) and an LED digital display and clock/timer with Auto Start function for setting the time for the machine to switch on automatically: a host of functions that enable the various features of the machine to be fully personalized.
The filter coffee machine is also equipped with 4 cups function and a glass jug that can hold up to 10 cups, with a Keep Warm function that ensures optimal coffee temperature for 20 minutes.