No more steam thanks to the new Steam Off System (SOS) by Faber

Galileo induction hob
The innovative Steam Off System (SOS) is only one of the plusses offered by the new cooking solution by Faber. The Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of kitchen hoods, has launched also very innovative induction hobs with integrated suction system, such as Galileo, that also offers an advanced system that delivers air jets in several different directions, and at varying speeds. In this way, steam and fumes created during the cooking process are interrupted by these cooling jets of air, preventing condensation before it gets a chance to develop.
Condensation effect, in fact, are often typical of the use of induction: it is a result of the colder air that develops under the hood meeting the hot pot and its ingredients. But the Faber Steam Off System represents an effective solution to this problem.
In the future, induction hobs will be more and more common in the houses. This technology consists in flat cooking plates that are charged with electric current, creating an electromagnetic field that heats the contents of pans. The field is activated only when the bottom of the pan makes contact with the electrically charged plate and this guarantees more safety in the kitchen, reducing eventual accident.