Lg, Arclinea and Valcune together to offer very luxury kitchens


The built-in Signature Kitchen Suite is the luxury range proposed by Lg, that created advanced appliances for modern and functional homes. The brand solutions has been appreciated also by important furniture partenrs, such as Arclinea and Valcucine
Both industry leaders in luxury kitchen appliance design, these brands have introduced a new line of furniture to compliment the Signature Kitchen Suite, with clean and minimal design.
Many are the home appliances of the collection.
The no-handle oven can be controlled with motion sensors, and includes a true steam function which allows to use the oven for styles such as Sous-Vide cooking. A draw underneath the oven also allows to keep plates and meals warm without spoiling them.
The minimalist and seamless design hides all details and lines (including even the dishwasher), and includes a motion-sensor cover screen to create a completely flawless look.
The refrigerator has a convertible door in between the fridge and freezer, so users can keep specific food (like fish or meat) at the right temperature.
The pro-range stove includes gas and electric cooking styles, which can be customized to suit your needs, as well as a world-first Sous-Vide cooking set-up.
A wine fridges is also available , characterized by tinted glass with knock on features, providing the ideal display, and space for 70 or 109 bottles of wine depending on the size.
Smart apps help the user get all the details right, from the dishwashing schedule to recipes, refrigerator functions and even the oven temperature are also included.