Beko presented a new washing system


The new AquaTechTM washing machine is one of the most interesting news presented by Beko at the latest edition of IFA. This model harnesses the natural power of water to create a gentle yet effective cycle, replacing standard tumble moves with more movement of water inside the drum.
Featuring up to a 50% faster cycle time but without compromising on effective cleaning, the innovative AquaTechTM technology washing machine offers smarter, shorter programs for greater convenience.
With AquaTechTM, Beko is able to offer spin cycles that work both quickly and effectively, whilst preventing damages to textiles. According to the company, this system ensures up to 50% faster programmes , up to 30% more gentle and all programmes that last less than two hours.
The innovative AquaTechTM technology works by optimising the power of water circulation to ensure more efficient wetting of garments and a more thorough clean as a result. The internal sensor ensures that the paddle is positioned at the top of the cycle, which then showers the contents of the washing machine with the detergent and water mix. The wearing mechanism typically found in standard washing machines has been replaced by water power, enabling clothes to be washed quickly, thoroughly and gently.
The AquaTechTM technology washing machine will be available from March 2019.