Cooking, coffee and laundry among the news that Miele will present at IFA 2018


Miele has presented some of the news that will be displayed on the next edition of IFA. During that Innovation Media Briefing IFA preview in Berlin, Frank Jüttner, managing director of Miele’s German sales subsidiary, provided a summary of the products to be presented by the Gütersloh family-owned company in early September in the shadow of Berlin’s famous TV transmitter.
At the last IFA exhibition, Miele presented its new dialog oven. Now, a startup called MChef, supported by Miele, is set to deliver the matching haute cuisine to homes around the country. Up to six dishes can be prepared in a dialog oven simultaneously and the programme with the correct settings is launched direct from the MChef app. The average cooking time is 20 minutes. The gourmet service is due to start in September in North Rhine-Westphalia and to be extended to cover the whole of Germany from the beginning of next year.
But this is not the only news from the Miele world, because IFA will be also the occasion to present the new company’s flagship model from the range of countertop coffee machines. Not only does the CM 7550 CoffeeSelect offer no fewer than four useful features which can only be had from Miele, it is now possible for the first time to select from three different bean types at the touch of a button. A new conical grinder made from stainless steel grinds quietly and gently, without leaving any residue behind. Furthermore, the CM7 from Miele is the only countertop coffee machine which self-descales and uses sensors to automatically adjust the height of the spout to the size of the cup, glass or mug.
The third new product the Miele manager presented is an innovative washing machine, with advanced functions. «Thanks to the new SingleWash feature – Jüttner explains – even the smallest of loads right down to a single garment can now be washed economically, fast and hygienically.»
SingleWash gauges water and electricity consumption and even the cycle time to the precise needs of tiny loads. Just enough water enters the drum to saturate the textiles; the heating energy required is accordingly low. As a result, around 60% less energy and just half as much water is used, combined with clear time savings. In the ‘Minimum Iron 40°C’ programme, the cycle lasts only 39 minutes without any compromises whatsoever in terms of cleaning performance (A rating).