Minotti Cucine introduces silk in the kitchen


Minotti Cucine, company of luxury kitchens from Verona (Italy), has introduced in its models a material never used in this sector: silk, giving life to the Seta kitchen, designed by the art director Alberto Minotti.
«Minotti Cucine is known throughout the world for the skillful use of natural stones, even rare – says Monica Venturini, marketing director of the Asso Group, owner of the brand – so much so that our products are often subject to attempts at plagiarism, albeit difficult to replicate given the high quality of the materials and workmanship. We therefore thought it was time to introduce strong innovations in production, but remaining faithful to the DNA of the brand, which uses only natural materials and that is immediately recognizable by its essential and elegant design.»
In the Seta kitchen, two very thin but extremely resistant sheets of glass, juxtaposed to each other, enclose a silk core, to form the doors. The stone is still the central element: in this case, for the top, the base Venus Gold was chosen, a natural quartzite, which recalls the color of the doors in the golden veins.
«I enthusiastically accepted the input provided by the company – says Alberto Minotti, art director of the group – to use new materials because creativity is facing new challenges. Silk is a material that has never been used in the kitchen because it is very delicate, but I thought of protecting it behind glass cases integrated into aluminum panels, making the door precious as a picture of a museum.»