VC 5 Premium by Kärcher received the German Innovation Award


The German Design Council assigned the Innovation Award in the household appliances category to the compact vacuum cleaner VC 5 Premium by Kärcher. The prize has the purpose of making innovations visible and is awarded once a year. The selection of the winner products is driven by criteria such as: innovation level, user benefit and cost-effectiveness. he innovation strategy should take aspects such as social, ecological and economic sustainability into account, as well as the use of energy and resources.
«The innovation of the VC 5 Premium is clearly found with the smart combination of two requirements for vacuum cleaners that have been hard to combine in the past: high suction power and a small unit volume – explains Michael Meyer, head of Industrial Design for the Home & Garden product division at Kärcher. – The show-stopper here is the vacuum cleaner’s extremely compact storage size, thanks to its patented triple telescopic tube.»
The VC 5 Premium vacuum cleaner, which is 62 cm high when stowed, can also be stored in small cupboards and is as powerful as a tried-and-tested sliding vacuum cleaner that is used for dragging. Very good for small city apartments or houses with nooks and crannies: in its park position, with the suction tube stowed, the VC 5 is the same height and width as a floor vase, so it fits perfectly in corners or cupboards. When using the VC 5, the telescopic tube can be extracted at the push of a button, making it very easy to operate. A joint at the nozzle adds great flexibility to the vacuum cleaner – dust under the bed or in hard-to-reach corners doesn’t stand a chance. With the additional crevice nozzle, the VC 5 also gets rid of chip crumbs in sofa gaps.