Peter Goetz is the new president of APPLiA Europe

Peter Goetz and Reinhard Zinkann, respectevely President and Vice-President of APPLiA
Home Appliances European Association APPLiA is living a phase of deep transition. After the changing from Ceced to APPLiA, a new president has been appointed to drive the organization to the new era of home appliances industry. Peter Goetz, executive vice president of BSH Europe, has assumed the position of Reinhard Zinkann, Miele Coproprietor, that remains vice-president.
«APPLiA should define itself as a think tank of a highly innovative industry and moreover as an active creator of political consideration – commented Goetz after the nomination – and I take this challenge personally. Our industry can and will position itself well as the driver of future-oriented, consumer-focused development organization as it has been planned in the “Home Appliance 2025 vision”.»
Reinhard Zinkann remembered the work done and underlined the new important target to reach.
«It goes without saying – he affirmed – that the past four years have been challenging and dynamic but they have also been full of joint efforts, strategic decisions, fruitful discussion and what’s most ‘inspiration’. Peter Goetz is someone who will take the leadership of APPLiA dearly and will invest his knowledge and energy into it.»